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At What Hourly Wage Were Women Able to Leave and Stay Off Welfare? UPDATE

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WSIPP - January 1995

The Family Income Study's December 1993 issue brief, At What Hourly Wage Are Women Able to Leave and Stay Off Welfare? found a "threshold" wage of $6.50 per hour enabled many women to leave and stay off welfare for at least 36 months during the 1988-1992 Study period.

This paper updates that analysis and reports the 1994 equivalent "threshold" wage using two different methods: 1. Wages earned during the Study period were adjusted for inflation, using the Consumer Price Index. 2. Wages earned during the Study period were increased by the amount that would offset the increase in value, from 1988 to 1994, of the welfare package (Aid for Families With Dependent Children [AFDC] and Food Stamps).

Report ID: 95-01-3102

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