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Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Board of Directors

WSIPP’s Board of Directors represents the state legislature, executive branch, and the academic community. The Board governs WSIPP, appoints the WSIPP Director, and reviews and provides oversight for WSIPP’s projects.

Click here for a copy of WSIPP's bylaws.

The WSIPP Board is made up of the following sixteen members:

Senator Andy Billig, Co-Chair
Leg. District 3
Representative Morgan Irwin, Co-Chair
Leg. District 31
Senator Marko Liias
Leg. District 21
Representative Chris Gildon
Leg. District 25
Senator Mark Schoesler
Leg. District 9
Representative Larry Springer
Leg. District 45
Senator Hans Zeiger
Leg. District 25
Representative Timm Ormsby
Leg. District 3
Curt Gavigan
Director, Senate Committee Services
Washington State Senate
Sarah Norris Hall
Vice Provost for the Office of Planning & Budgeting
University of Washington
Jill Reinmuth
Director, Office of Program Research
Washington State House of Representatives
George Bridges
The Evergreen State College
Keith Phillips
Policy Director
Office of the Governor
Katherine Frank
Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Life
Central Washington University
David Schumacher
Office of Financial Management
Bidisha Mandal
Associate Professor, School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University