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Evaluating Early Intervention in Washington State Juvenile Courts: A Six-Month Progress Report

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Robert Barnoski, Scott Matson - January 1997

The 1996 Washington State Legislature appropriated $2.35 million to 12 juvenile courts for early intervention programs targeting youth placed on probation for the first time and considered at high risk to re-offend. At the request of the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration, the Washington State Institute for Public Policy evaluated the program. The primary outcome measure is whether there is a reduction in subsequent court adjudications for those youth in the program. The program will be evaluated to determine the level of program success necessary for the state's investment to be cost-effective.

Report ID: 97-01-1202

Identifying Cost-Effective Strategies for the Criminal Justice System in Washington State: A Progress Report

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WSIPP - January 1997

This progress report contains new information on the fiscal costs of the criminal justice system in Washington and how they have changed over the last two decades. The report also discusses work underway at the Institute to assess the costs and benefits of criminal justice strategies.

Report ID: 97-01-1203

Protocols and Training Standards: Investigating Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

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Roxanne Lieb, Lucy Berliner, Patricia Toth - January 1997

A budget proviso in the 1996 supplemental budget directed the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to "collect data and information from jurisdictions within the state of Washington and outside the state of Washington, including other nations, that have experience with developing protocols and training standards for investigating child sexual abuse." This project incorporated a review of the scientific literature, model protocols and standards from other states and jurisdictions, and legislation in other states. In addition, a panel of state experts visited four counties in the state to observe their practices.

Report ID: 97-01-4101

Washington's Sexually Violent Predator Law: Legislative History and Comparisons With Other States

Open Publication PDF

Roxanne Lieb - December 1996

In 1990, Washington State enacted a law authorizing civil commitment of individuals found to be “sexually violent predators” at the end of their criminal sentence. This civil commitment law was part of an omnibus bill, the 1990 Community Protection Act. In order to increase the state’s knowledge about effective strategies with sex offenders, the legislature directed the Institute to evaluate this law’s effectiveness. This publication updates information on the implementation and background of sexual predator laws.

Report ID: 96-12-1101

Sex Offender Registration: National Requirements and State Registries

Open Publication PDF

Scott Matson - December 1996

This issue brief explains the general requirements established by the federal government for registration of sex offenders released from incarceration. Also included are the results from a 1996 Institute survey listing the number of registered sex offenders by state.

Report ID: 96-12-1102

An Examination of Organizational Structure and Programmatic Reform in Public Child Protective Services

Open Publication PDF

Charles Wilson, Paul Vincent, Ed Lake, JoAnn Plucker - December 1996

This report surveys the 50 states regarding their organization of children and family services, then analyzes the responses and supplemented information from national sources. In addition, case studies are described using five states that have undergone recent organizational or programmatic reforms in the area of child protection. These states are: Florida, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Report ID: 96-12-4101

Community Notification in Washington State: 1996 Survey of Law Enforcement

Open Publication PDF

Scott Matson, Roxanne Lieb - November 1996

In August and September of 1996, the Institute conducted a survey of law enforcement to solicit information on community notification procedures throughout Washington State. The report describes sex offender harassment incidents and methods law enforcement use to reduce these incidents, including community meetings.

Report ID: 96-11-1101

Sex Offender Community Notification Update: May 1996 to September 1996

Open Publication PDF

Scott Matson - October 1996

An April 1996 Institute report analyzed state statutes covering community notification; 32 states were included. This update includes eight additional states that passed legislation either authorizing community notification or allowing access to sex offender registration information. Arizona’s community notification law also was amended, therefore it is also included.

Report ID: 96-10-1101

Washington State Sexually Violent Predators: Profile of Special Commitment Center Residents

Open Publication PDF

Roxanne Lieb - October 1996

In 1990, Washington State enacted a civil commitment law for persons found to be sexually violent predators. As of September 1996, 38 persons are housed at the Special Commitment Center in Monroe, Washington; 21 have been committed under the Act, and the others are awaiting trial. This paper summarizes records from the Special Commitment Center regarding the residents' criminal history, offense pattern, treatment history, and mental health diagnosis.

Report ID: 96-10-1102

The Rate of Juvenile Violence in Washington State Declined in 1995, but Remains High

Open Publication PDF

Steve Aos - October 1996

This research brief provides the latest information on trends in juvenile violence in Washington, based on court conviction and arrest rates.

Report ID: 96-10-1201

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