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Sexual Predator Commitment Laws in the United States: 1998 Update

Open Publication PDF

Roxanne Lieb, Scott Matson - September 1998

As of 1998, twelve states had statutes authorizing the confinement and treatment of highly dangerous sex offenders following completion of their criminal sentence: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. This report describes sexual predator laws and compares several of their key provisions.

Report ID: 98-09-1101

Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration Assessments: Validity Review and Recommendations

Open Publication PDF

Robert Barnoski - September 1998

The Department of Social and Health Services Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA) has undertaken several legislatively directed developments in its assessment procedures. The JRA contracted with the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to: 1) Examine the capability of the Initial Security Classification Assessment and Community Risk Assessment to predict recidivism, 2) Design an evaluation of the Washington State Sex Offender Screening Tool and the Sexually Aggressive and Vulnerable Youth Residential Screen, 3) Recommend a process for selecting the highest-risk youth for participation in Intensive Parole, including a risk assessment instrument for use while on Intensive Parole, and 4) Compare these assessments to national models, and seek a review by national experts.

Report ID: 98-09-1201

Community Public Health and Safety Networks: 1998 Evaluation Plan

Open Publication PDF

Kay Knapp - September 1998

The Community Public Health and Safety Networks were established as part of Washington State's Violence Prevention Act (Act). The legislation anticipated a strong outcomes orientation on the part of networks. The Institute found that initial contracts between networks and providers often included measures of activities instead of outcomes. This report looks at the obstacles networks face in moving toward an outcomes orientation rather than a measure of activities.

Report ID: 98-09-3201

Sex Offenses in Washington State: 1998 Update

Open Publication PDF

Roxanne Lieb - August 1998

In 1990, the Washington State Legislature passed the Community Protection Act, a comprehensive set of laws that increased prison terms for sex offenders, established registration and notification laws, authorized funds for treatment of adult and juvenile sex offenders, and provided services for victims of sexual assault. The legislation directed the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to evaluate the effectiveness of these state-supported programs. The charts included in this report were selected from this research and cover a number of topics related to this research effort.

Report ID: 98-08-1101

Washington's Youth Violence Prevention and Intervention Program: 1997 Evaluations

Open Publication PDF

Sharon Silas, Roxanne Lieb - July 1998

The Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development (CTED) administers the Youth Violence Prevention and Intervention Program. Through a competitive process, the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy within CTED provides federal and state funding to community-based projects focused on preventing youth violence. This report summarizes findings from the 1997 evaluation of these projects. The evaluation concentrated on ten projects, those in their first and second year of funding.

Report ID: 98-07-3201

Trends in Child Abuse or Neglect in Washington State

Open Publication PDF

Sharon Silas - May 1998

This topic brief discusses the rate of reported child abuse and neglect cases in Washington State between 1991 and 1997.  Information supplied by Washington's Child Protective Services (CPS) shows the rate of referrals and alleged victims of child abuse by various age categories. 

Report ID: 98-05-3201

Trends in Foster Care Use in Washington State: 1970 to 1997

Open Publication PDF

Sharon Silas - May 1998

The rate of youth in state-funded foster care in Washington State is shown in this topic brief.  The statewide trend in foster care placement between 1970 and 1997 is presented; county-level data from 1987 to 1997 are also listed. 

Report ID: 98-05-3202

Trends in At-Risk Behaviors of Youth in Washington 1998 Update

Open Publication PDF

Mason Burley, Sharon Silas - April 1998

This report provides information on trends of "at-risk" behaviors of youth in Washington State as of 1998.  Since 1995, the Institute has published trends in the rates of violent crime, teen substance abuse, teen pregnancy, teen suicide, dropping out of school, child abuse placements, domestic violence, and foster home placements. These trends establish a baseline to assess statewide progress in measuring the outcomes established in the 1994 Violence Reduction Act. 

Report ID: 98-04-3201

1996 County Comparisons: At-Risk Behaviors of Youth in Washington

Open Publication PDF

Scott Matson - April 1998

This companion report compares the 1996 county rates for eight indicators of at-risk behaviors of youth in Washington. County rates for all available years may be viewed on the Institute's searchable database.

Report ID: 98-04-3202

Community Notification as Viewed by Washington's Citizens

Open Publication PDF

Dretha Phillips - March 1998

The 1990 Legislature directed the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to evaluate the effectiveness of the Community Protection Act. As part of this evaluation, the Institute contracted with the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University to conduct telephone interviews with a sample of Washington State residents regarding the state's community notification law. The results of the survey indicated an overwhelming majority of respondents were familiar with the law and believed it was very important.

Report ID: 98-03-1101

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