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The Rate of Juvenile Violence in Washington State Declined in 1995, but Remains High

Open Publication PDF

Steve Aos - October 1996

This research brief provides the latest information on trends in juvenile violence in Washington, based on court conviction and arrest rates.

Report ID: 96-10-1201

Washington's Special Education Safety Net: A Final Report of the 1995-96 Safety Net Process

Open Publication PDF

Edie Harding - October 1996

The Washington Legislature in 1995 directed the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to evaluate the safety net created to address potential school district funding issues under the new special education funding formula. This study finds that school districts are receiving $10.5 million (62 percent of the amount appropriated for the first year) in safety net awards. Ninety-one percent of safety net funds were awarded for school districts under the category of Maintenance of Effort for State Revenues. The rest of the awards were made from the other two categories, Special Characteristics and Costs and High Cost Individual. This study highlights administrative issues to be worked on related to: 1) timing the release of funds, 2) greater education and access for school districts, and 3) an investigation of what criteria are appropriate for the categories of Special Characteristics and Costs and High Cost Individual.

Report ID: 96-10-2101

Job Opportunities and Basic Skills: Perspectives From Eight States

Open Publication PDF

Thomas Karier - October 1996

Prior to the recently enacted federal welfare reform, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, Congress last changed the national public assistance program in the Family Support Act of 1988. States were required to develop Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS) programs to increase efforts to move welfare recipients into the labor market. In its 1996 supplemental budget, the Washington Legislature directed its Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee to evaluate our state’s implementation of JOBS. This report accompanies that review, and describes the operation of JOBS programs in eight other states.

Report ID: 96-10-3101

Washington State Child Abuse Reporting Laws: Summary of Legislative Changes, 1965-1996

Open Publication PDF

Sharon Silas, Roxanne Lieb - October 1996

This paper describes how Washington State laws regarding child abuse have been amended since 1965. Each legislative change is summarized, allowing the reader to view the changes in state policy regarding abuse definitions and protected classes of individuals, as well as the amended categories of mandatory reporters. 

Report ID: 96-10-3901

Juvenile Offenders Under the Department of Corrections' Jurisdiction: Changing Trends

Open Publication PDF

Robert Barnoski, Steve Aos - August 1996

The Washington Legislature in 1994 directed the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to study juvenile violence, teen pregnancy, and other at-risk behaviors of youth. The Institute was instructed to analyze these behaviors and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of Washington's efforts to achieve measurable reductions in violence and at-risk behaviors. This research brief is part of the Institute's plan to provide the Legislature and other interested persons with up-to-date findings on these topics.

Report ID: 96-08-1201

Juvenile Early Intervention: Testing Juvenile Accountability in the Courts

Open Publication PDF

Robert Barnoski - August 1996

This brief describes Washington’s juvenile court early intervention project administered at the county level. The purpose of the early intervention program is to keep participants from re-offending. The program targets offenders sentenced to probation for the first time who are assessed as having a high risk for re-offending.

Report ID: 96-08-1202

Truancy Petition Update: September 1995 - June 1996

Open Publication PDF

Edie Harding, Mason Burley - August 1996

Report ID: 96-08-2201

Sex Offender Registration: A Review of State Laws

Open Publication PDF

Scott Matson, Roxanne Lieb - July 1996

This paper describes the policy debates surrounding registration laws and summarizes the features of legislation in all 50 states.

Report ID: 96-07-1101

Child Abuse or Neglect Trends in Washington State

Open Publication PDF

Steve Aos, Roxanne Lieb - July 1996

This report describes the current rate of reported child abuse or neglect in Washington State, whether the rate has changed in recent years, and how the rate compares to national incidence estimates. 

Report ID: 96-07-1201

Trends in State-Funded Out-of Home Placements of Youth in Washington State

Open Publication PDF

Steve Aos, Roxanne Lieb - July 1996

A review of the caseload histories of Washington State's Family Foster Care and Group Care programs. 

Report ID: 96-07-1202

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