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Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Update to Inventory of Evidence-Based, Research-Based, and Promising Practices for Prevention and Intervention Services for Children

The 2012 Legislature passed E2SHB 2536 with the intention that “prevention and intervention services delivered to children and juveniles in the areas of mental health, child welfare, and juvenile justice be primarily evidence-based and research-based, and it is anticipated that such services will be provided in a manner that is culturally competent.”

The bill directs the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP) and the University of Washington Evidence-Based Practice Institute (UW) to publish descriptive definitions and prepare an inventory of evidence-based, research-based, and promising practices and services, and to periodically updates the inventory as more practices are identified. This will be the tenth update to the initial inventory published in September 2012. For this update, WSIPP will review evidence for programs submitted through UW’s Promising Practice application process.

The inventory and accompanying report will be published in September 2020.
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Short-Term Foster Care Support Services

The 2017 Washington State Legislature directed WSIPP to complete an evaluation of short-term foster care support. The legislation describes short-term support as case aides who provide temporary assistance to foster parents as needed with the overall goal of supporting the parental efforts of the foster parents. The short-term support does not include overnight assistance. The evaluation will, to the maximum extent possible, assess the impact of the short-term support services on the retention of foster homes and the number of placements a foster child receives while in out-of-home care, as well as the return on investment to the state.

A preliminary report was released in November 2018. The final report was originally due to the legislature by June 30, 2020. In 2019, the legislature passed SSB 5955 which extended the due date of the final report to June 30, 2021. In June 2020 Board, the WSIPP Board of Directors voted to extend the study deadline to June 30, 2023.
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DCYF Resource Center

The 2019 Washington State Legislature directed WSIPP to conduct an evaluation on the outcomes of resource and assessment centers licensed under RCW 74.15.311 and contracted with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). As part of the evaluation, WSIPP was directed to collect data regarding the following:
  • The type of placement children experience following placement at a resource and assessment center;
  • The number of placement changes that children experience following placement in a resource and assessment center compared with other foster children;
  • The length of stay in foster care that children experience following placement in a resource and assessment center compared with other foster children;
  • The likelihood that children placed in a resource and assessment center will be placed with siblings; and
  • The length of time that licensed foster families accepting children placed in resource and assessment centers maintain their licensure compared to licensed foster families receiving children directly from child protective services.
The report is due to the legislature, DCYF, and the Oversight Board for DCYF by December 8, 2020.
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