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Trends in At-Risk Behaviors of Youth in Washington

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Steve Aos, Roxanne Lieb, Robert Barnoski - January 1996

The 1994 Washington Legislature passed Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 2319, a wide-ranging Act whose purposes are to achieve measurable, cost-effective, reductions in criminal violence and other ?at-risk? behaviors of youth. The Act adopted a number of policies designed to reduce: (1) violent criminal acts; (2) teen substance abuse; (3) teen pregnancy; (4) teen suicide; (5) dropping out of school; (6) child abuse or neglect; (7) domestic violence; and (8) state-funded out-of-home placements. The Legislature directed the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to evaluate whether these policies achieve a measurable reduction in youth violence in Washington. This report highlights the “big picture” trends in six of the eight at-risk behaviors identified by the Legislature. Data in this report are current through 1994.

Report ID: 96-01-1201

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