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Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Jail and Juvenile Facility Study

The 2023 Washington State Legislature directed WSIPP to conduct a study of the Washington jail system and county juvenile justice facilities. As part of the study, WSIPP will contract with the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) to survey Washington jail and juvenile detention facilities. For more information on the elements that must be included in the survey, please see the study assignment language in the legislation linked below.

To the extent possible, the report should include the following:
  • A longitudinal study of how the county jail and county juvenile detention populations have changed over the last 12 years including, but not limited to, an analysis of demographics, physical and behavioral health issues, number of inmates, and types of convictions;
  • An analysis of county jail and county juvenile detention facility survey data provided by the WSAC; and
  • An examination of the availability of criminal justice training commission classes for corrections officers.
The report is due to the governor and the legislature by December 1, 2024.
Corey Whichard, (360) 664-9075 View Legislation